Phase 2 & 3

By admin | 20 April 2014 | 0 Comments

In July 2013 we began the next phases of the project. These focus on:

  • Physical conservation of the archive (placing each volume into conservation packaging and marking the packaging with inventory numbers)
  • A care and conservation management plan for the collection
  • Updating the website for interaction and registration
  • updating the  database for records management
  • A handbook to the collections and for use of the archive
  • A brochure for the Church
  • A piece of research (the first using the materials in the archive) that begins to reveal some of the wealth of possible understandings contained in the volumes
  • Planning for test digitising, and a small test of the method
  • 4 workshops: Conservation handling, using the database for records management and planning, archival procedures and management of access, and the final workshop will be public

As part of this phase a few people will receive training in care and handling of the documents according to the protocols selected.